Located in the heart of the Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada, SportyMama.ca is powered by a sporty hockey/soccer/baseball mama that wanted to enrich her life and the lives of other parents by providing comfort products for practices and game day! 

Our products are especially for sport spectators who want to keep warm on the field and in the arena, avoid the hot sun at the baseball diamond and stay warm and dry on rainy days on the soccer or football field. Our unisex heated products are also very beneficial for ANY outdoor enthusiast; hunters, campers, snowmobilers and those who love fishing! Sporty pop-up weather pods are also commonly used for outdoor photography, camping and dock fishing on a rainy day. Some of our specialty items include storage water bottles which keep your credit cards/keys/money safe inside, misting water bottles for hot days and custom jewelry honouring your little athlete. Custom electric scooters and e-bikes with side-cars also give you the option to ride in style and stay green when heading to events.  Check out our ever-growing product line for more Sporty products!

Our mission is to be the number one provider of comfort products for you as a parent with kids in sports.

Because we are located in Canada, shipping is quick and we have strict quality assurance measures in place to ensure that your product is in pristine condition and perfect working order.  We care about quality! Sportymama does not do "dropshipping"  or act as a middleman between suppliers and customers, we stock, package and carefully ship out our products to ensure their quality before they leave the door.  Many hours of product research ensures our products meet quality standards and are priced competitively.

A portion of all proceeds from sportymama.ca products goes back to our Okanagan community by means of tournament sponsorships and prize donations for any and all kids sports teams. Thank you for your support!

SportyMama.ca wants to work with you! School fundraisers, tournament sponsorships and other sporting events get us excited! Contact us for more information and let's talk about how we can work with your team.

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"As a mother of a child who asks to join EVERY sport possible, I have spent many hours being scorched by the sun on a baseball field, getting wet and cold from wind and rain at soccer games and shivering in the hockey arena.  I found it hard to find innovative and fashionable accessories that would make being a sporty parent more fun! I decided to research and bring together a variety of products that would enhance the lives of any sport spectator or outdoor enthusiast that could use a little more comfort and have a lot more fun doing what they already enjoy." 

                                                                                 - Hayley Donovan


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